High security

Fool-proof, guaranteed security features are in place and the services are served via secure cloud-based servers and therefore it is assured there is no communication breach at any stage.

User Friendly

User-friendly features, easy to learn and adapt techniques are the hallmark of the BITVOICE conference solutions.


Flexibility in communications on any device. Mobiles, Laptops, desktops and hard phones. (Operating on any platform Android, Iphone, Windows)

Cost Effective

There is a huge savings potential for organizations as it is cost effective and cost savings can be witnessed in a short period of time. Your return-on-investment (ROI) can be realized within a couple months of installation.

About BITVOICE ...........

We at Bit Voice sowed the seeds of our entrepreneurial journey by partnering with companies so as to realize transformational communication ideas into actual reality. This has become the company's core objective which is helping shape the company.

With methodologies that are exclusively focused on driving quantifiable business value for our clients, Bit Voice is focused on crafting the business of tomorrow by bettering client's communications sphere and helping them stay ahead of the arc of ingenuity.

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Our Services

We are who we are, defined by our work, focused to achieve newer milestones, making ourselves known for our services and for what we do, setting newer trends in the communications industry, we are ready, we are set and we are climbing, and this is the world of BITVOICE!

Call Centre Solutions

A contact centre or more commonly referred to as a call centre is a focal point of communication from which all customer contacts are managed and handled..

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Audio Conference Solutions

Conference calls are typically meetings conducted over the phone, making use of audio communications between two or more people that translates..

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Voice Broadcast Solutions

Voice broadcasting solutions will allow customer to record or upload an audio file (Your own voice clips which recorded through phone or any real-time generated text to voice converted file)..

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Benefit with the BITVOICE
Here are some of our benefit what you get.

Our brand name Bit Voice is basically an adaptation of 'the basic of an IP Packet'. If we were to elaborate on what the 'Bit' stands for, we have derived it from the world of telecommunications and computers.

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individual telephone conferences

All users or participants of a conference call are assigned individual telephone conferences.

Team specific telephone conferences

Group, department, unit or team specific telephone conferences can be initiated and setup.

Useful for sensitive transaction

BITVOICE Conference Solutions are ideal for organizations engaging in sensitive..

Variable access

Meet-me conference facility, chat groups with variable access is provided..

Customer words

Benefit with the BITVOICE

We are committed to providing our clients with tailored solutions catering to their needs. Our exceptional works provide us with a wide range of clients.